We Have Something To Share

We believe that we have a responsibility to the business community to share our expertise. For that reason, we speak at dozens of conferences each year.

From regional and international industry programs to university campuses, we are likely to be at a conference near you this year. For up-to-date information on our speaking schedule email
The Beta Group

The Beta Group develops and delivers workshops, conference presentations, and seminars on a variety of topics related to the Business Value of IT. Some of these include:

The CFOs Guide to IT Investment Analysis

Turning IT into Profit: the CFO-CIO Connection

Getting to Action: A Simplified Approach to Integrated IT and Business Planning

Putting IT Dollars Where They Belong: Finding the Projects That Help The Business

Coming Soon:

The IT Profit Model: Making the IT-Profit Connection For Your Business

For a complete conference prospectus with detailed descriptions, email us at The Beta Group


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