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Bob Benson  Tom Bugnitz 

Robert J. Benson

 As principal of The Beta Group,  Bob Benson applies more than forty years of academic and corporate experience to assist corporations and government agencies with understanding the business value of information technology (IT)  strategic and financial IT management,  strategic IT planning, effective IT application development,  and IT governance.  He has been instrumental in the development of methodologies to better manage information technology resources for business improvement.  These include methodologies based on Information Economics, which he co-developed in1988 and is currently used by companies and consulting organizations around the world. 

 Benson has promoted The Beta Groupís methodologies and management approaches through numerous keynote speaking opportunities at executive conferences (Cutter Summit, Gartner Symposium, Information Management Forum CIO Conference,  Enterprise Architecture Conference,  full list upon request) and taught graduate courses in schools of business and engineering in Europe and the US;  he has developed large-scale computer systems, and consulted with companies and agencies worldwide on their information technology organization, management, and applications.  He also serves as Senior Consultant, Cutter Consortiumís Business / IT Strategies practice.

 Mr. Benson  taught Computer Science and Information Management at Washington University in St. Louis for 40 years, where he also served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Computing and Communications and other executive positions. He also has taught Information Management at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, for 20 years. 

 Benson holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering science and a law degree from Washington University



1.      From Business Strategy to IT Action,  Wiley 2004,  with Tom Bugnitz and Bill Walton

2.      Information Economics,  Prentice Hall 1988,  with Marilyn Parker and Ed Trainor

3.      Information Strategy and Economics,  Prentice Hall 1989,  with Marilyn Parker and Ed Trainor

In addition, Benson's books have had many chapters included in books published in the US, Germany, and the UK, he has authored numerous articles in professional journals, and authored executive reports and white papers for partner companies.


Tom Bugnitz 

Thomas L. Bugnitz

Tom Bugnitz is co-founder and president of The Beta Group, has consulted around the world with numerous companies and government organizations.  At The Beta Group, he leads business development efforts and consults with clients on improving their strategic and financial IT management. Mr. Bugnitz also takes an active role in promoting The Beta Groupís methodologies at conferences across the United States.

Since 1974 he has worked in the field of business and information management. Mr. Bugnitz started his career as a systems developer for American Motors and then Monsanto Company, and followed those jobs by being the Director of Computer Services for Washington University in St. Louis for over 10 years.  In that role he was responsible for all administrative and academic computing, voice and data communications, mainframe computing, and systems operations. 

Since 1988 he has been a full-time consultant, having started The Beta Group with Bob Benson at that time.  Mr. Bugnitz was an adjunct professor of computer science at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, where he  taught for 11 years , and participates actively in IT management research. Additionally, he has co-authored several books on information systems practices and management, including most recently From Business Strategy to IT Action (Wiley, 2004, co-authored with the associates at The Beta Group.)

Bugnitz holds two degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, a Bachelorís of Science in Computer Science and a Masterís in Business Administration.

Bob Benson  

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